Are You Born With ADHD?

Yes, simply put. It’s part of the brain, and as such, is formed before we’re even born. There are a few ideas of how it comes to be, but these theories are inconclusive and as such, more research is needed before we can have a definitive answer.

ADHD being the condition it is tends to run alongside another and as such, it may actually be borne due to the initial condition. Though, again, we can’t really say much until we have more research and can properly cross examine the data.

It is widely though that although born with ADHD, the environment in which a child is raised can also bring out the worst of the characteristics, such as tantrums, violent moods swings, and in some cases, violence.

Looking at your way of life and evaluating it is a very good way to work out how best to deal with ADHD in a child and teenager. Just be aware that a complete overhaul is not a good idea, do it bit by bit so that their sense of normality isn’t disturbed.

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