We Put Your Right on the Myths Surrounding the Drug Adderall

With the performing enhancing drug that is Adderall which is also a drug to help with the symptoms of both ADD and ADHD often being known as a Smart Drug, there are often many different myths you will come across either online and when talking to other people about it.

Myths about AdderallWith that in mind in today’s Adderall news story we are going to be looking at some of the myths surrounding Adderall and enlightening you on the facts, so if you have been considering taking Adderall then please read on to make sense of Adderall!

You Can Take Any Dosage – The first myth that needs to be corrected is that you can start taking any dosage of Adderall. That is simply not true as there are several different factors that will need to be taken into account before you start to take it in regards to the dosage you will need to take.

Adderall is Only Available with a Prescription – Some people seem to think that you can only legally buy Adderall once you have visited your Doctor and have been given a prescription for it that again is a myth as you can now legally buy Adderall online, but we would advise you use our site to ensure you receive genuine Adderall and not a fake counterfeit copy of Adderall.

Adderall is Expensive – The best way you can instantly see that Adderall is certainly not an expensive drug to take it to visit our ordering system online, as by doing so you will see for yourself just how low cost it is no matter what quantity you decide o purchase from us!

You Have to Buy a Large Quantity of Adderall – If anyone has ever told you that to buy Adderall online you have to purchase a large quantity, then that is simply not the case! You can buy as little as one month’s worth, and as mentioned above the cost of that supply will be very cot effective and low!

Adderall is only for ADHD – Whilst many people will take Adderall to treat ADHD, it is also a drug that can be taken for several other conditions, including ADD. However, more and more people are now taking Adderall to help them concentrate whilst at university or to give them the mental stimulus they need when at work or when learning new tasks they have never done before.

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Are You Born With ADHD?

Yes, simply put. It’s part of the brain, and as such, is formed before we’re even born. There are a few ideas of how it comes to be, but these theories are inconclusive and as such, more research is needed before we can have a definitive answer.

ADHD being the condition it is tends to run alongside another and as such, it may actually be borne due to the initial condition. Though, again, we can’t really say much until we have more research and can properly cross examine the data.

It is widely though that although born with ADHD, the environment in which a child is raised can also bring out the worst of the characteristics, such as tantrums, violent moods swings, and in some cases, violence.

Looking at your way of life and evaluating it is a very good way to work out how best to deal with ADHD in a child and teenager. Just be aware that a complete overhaul is not a good idea, do it bit by bit so that their sense of normality isn’t disturbed.

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Can I Get Help and Support with ADHD?

There isn’t really an ADHD Anonymous, why should there be? It’s not like Narcotics or Alcoholics. However, you fill find tonnes upon tonnes of useful information, from the long suffering mothers of 4 years old that have first teeth coming through to teenagers who are riddled with acne and angst about coursework, to business men struggling with work, and then everything and everyone in-between.

There are even specialist groups including Black ADHD, LGBT ADHD (I know that’s a lot of letters!), Asian ADHD, Single ADHD, and Parents with ADHD. You name it there is a community for you.

Take an hour or so to Google the groups that would best suit you, because sometimes, finding a community to which you feel you belong can be half the battle and you can discuss with like minded individuals how you feel. Also, you may actually make some new friends who are on the same wave length without that awkward silence that so often happens when we first meet people.

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Just make sure that you first do take a good look around our website in general, for we do have plenty of new stories relating to Adderall and also plenty of guides and articles that are bound to be of interest to you if you are considering taking and using Adderall at any time now or in the future.


Do Certain Foods Affect a Child with ADHD?

YES! Asking if certain foods affect you is like asking if certain alcoholic beverages affect you differently. For example, in the UK, the lager louts and football hooligans drink Stella Artois (nicknamed Wife Beater), and every summer, as soon as the sun comes out, there are brawls due to too much booze and too much sun.

Food and drink are ingested and digested in the same way. They enter the stomach, are broken down, the bad bits go to the kidneys and liver and then excreted through the bladder or bowel.

What is in various foods varies, and as such, if one thing affects your child, a different brand may not. Generally if you’re looking for simpler and plainer foods, ditch the band names and go for supermarket own brands. Fat is Flavour, and as such, a premium (Heinz for example) can of beans will have more sugar in it than a can of Wal-Mart or Sainsbury’s beans.

Always read the labels, or Google your shopping list, that way you can look at the nutritional information and ditching the branded stuff will also save you a small fortune which will allow you more cash to pamper yourself with!

Organic foods are the way forward, though these tend to be expensive, however, fruit and vegetables are cheap and adding a few spices and herbs, you could technically bulk meals out with them without having to compromise flavour.

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How to Detect a Child may have ADHD?

This is an age old question. ADHD, although real, is so over diagnosed by over stretched (or sometimes simply lazy) General Practitioners, overzealous parents who want an easy life because their boisterous 3 year old has not stopped playing all day and teachers who are all too quick to make referrals to CMHU because a certain child is ruining the ‘Zen’ of the class room.

It is actually, very easy to spot ADHD. And the first thing you should be looking at is your own household routine. If a child sees chaos, they will create chaos. If a child sees calm and collected they will behave calm and collected.

There is a reason why a good teacher can keep a class of 30 kids under control to learn, and that is by instilling a calm atmosphere which also has an air of discipline.

Not unlike well run prison where inmates are treated with respect, but still know that there is a line that can be crossed and when the line is crossed, there will be consequences. Also, it should be noted, a lot of prisoners in the system tend to have a form of ADHD, though this doesn’t equate that a little discipline in their younger years will guide them on the right path.

If all else fails, the tell tale sign is not being able to focus for more than a few minutes (unless it’s watching cartoons!). If you are struggling to get them to focus on a given task, take a trip to your GP and see what they can advise, for it could also simply be you are picking the wrong things to interest them.

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How to Keep a Child with ADHD Amused?

Amusing kids is hard enough to begin with; keeping a child with ADHD amused is a whole other ball game! Firstly you need to find a subject that interests them, be that music, art or even exercise. Secondly, you need to push them to excel.

Some of the best artists started out by doing basic stick men, but eventually perfected their craft and moved onto the more advanced techniques, such as live models or complex landscapes like Lilly in a Pond. If your child is a naturally talented athlete, then swimming is good, for it has the added benefit of tiring them out! If they’re a talented musician, get them learning to read scores.

Starting with piano and vocals and then working up to huge symphonic orchestras, however, not everyone can be academic, some of us are destined to be more practical, and cooking is not only therapeutic, but also the most important life skill you can teach a child.

Knowing how to fend for themselves when they themselves have wives, kids, mortgages, cars and dog, will set them up for life, and if they’re any good, or have a natural interest in the flavours and textures of a dish, they may become a top rate chef.

The same goes for hairdressers and beauticians, they do that job because they have a need to make others feel good about themselves. Vidal Sassoon once said his mother thought he lacked the intelligence to pick his own career.

70 years later, he’d single handily changed the entire fashion industry forever. Not bad for someone that wasn’t academically gifted working in a trade that is disproportionately dominated by women and gay men. If your charge is more selfless, get them doing good deeds.

Be that helping an elderly person pack their shopping, or even volunteering a few hours a week in a local charity shop, no good deed goes unnoticed, and being complimented on how they’ve done something so small, yet made such a big difference to someone’s day will give them a huge morale boost, while also instilling a willingness and need to help.


How to Order Adderall?

We have put together the following guide to enable you to discover just how simple and hassle free it will be to make a purchase of Adderall from our online pharmacy. Keep in mind that as an approved stockist you will be benefiting for three main things when you place an order from us.

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Where You Want Your Adderall Delivered To

We do of course want to send you out your order as quickly as is possible, and once you have placed your order it will then be processed on the spot, or the very next business day if you order out of normal working hours or over the weekend.

However, to enable us to deliver your order quickly and rapidly we will need to you to supply us with your full postal address including your post code or your zip code, and you will also need to inform us of your email address so we can send you out your receipt.

Multiple Different Ways to Pay

One final thing worth noting is that we do accept a very wide and quite diver range of different payment methods, and as such you should have no difficulties in selecting one that will see your order being processed in real time.

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Private Time and Study Time

The open and shut answer as to how to study effectively is of course to read your textbooks. We all have to do it, and there is nothing duller than reading about how to make a spreadsheet and database. That said however, there are other things you can do, and you may learn a lot without even knowing it.

For example, you could Wikipedia Shakespeare, and you’ll be presented with all kinds of facts about him, such as, he was born on his birthday, and died on his birthday. Wikipedia also outsources you to other articles, so reading up on Henry VIII will also link you to the infamous wives and Elizabeth I.

You don’t need to cram your head with text books, learn at your own pace, if something catches your eye while studying, search for it. There is far more to education than having your nose in a book for 24 hours a day.

It’s also good to do studying in short bursts. Study for an hour, go for a drink and some air for 15 minutes, and then go back to studying. The brain doesn’t do well with being overloaded, and as such, you should cut it some slack and let it learn at its own pace.

Adderall Delivered to Your Door

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Is ADD a Life Long Condition?

ADD and ADHD are lifelong conditions, generally, with the correct therapies, by the time the patient reaches young adulthood; they will have developed strategies that will help them cope far better.

What needs to be kept in mind is that ADD is not a disease or a death sentence, but is merely one of nature’s little quirks, and as such, there is no ‘cure’ so to speak, however, the many therapies out there will allow the patient to work out their own mind and use whatever suits them best.

In the US they do offer all kinds of bogus therapies, even promising to make homosexuals heterosexual using ‘conversion therapy’, which in all honesty is a painful experience physically, emotionally and mentally. Also they seem to always try and get you to turn to god and ‘repent’.

You see, similar to being gay, ADD and ADHD cannot, and even if it could be, should not be cured. It’s no different to having blue eyes or red hair. It’s a part of the patient, in all of its entirety, the good and the bad bits, warts and all.

If people want to cure something, let’s start with HIV or Cancer, not a relatively modern mental health condition that we know surprisingly little about, or even better, why not get those with ADHD and ADD through university so they can work tirelessly looking for cures to those things?

Let’s be brutally honest. Most people in the jail system on both sides of the Atlantic have some form of mental health condition, would it not save the tax payer far more keeping them on the straight and narrow and doing something worthwhile as oppose to shunning them and letting them take the dark path? Also, if one becomes a good hairdresser, they could also sort out Donald Trump’s terrible toupee!

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

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Managing Your Time as a Student

It’s pretty simple, get a diary, set alarms, get a routine, and try not to have a heavy session the night before. It’s also a good idea for you to rest. Never, under any circumstances exhaust yourself, and where you can, try and arrive at lectures early.

Even if it means you’re an hour early, you can have breakfast, a drink and get into the zone. It works very well, especially in the mornings when your lectures tend to be more intense. Also, be sure to keep yourself hydrated.

If you are able to, you should try and keep a rigid time table. Turn up to lessons 5 minutes early, make the most use of the MMRC during free periods and sit extra classes if you feel you’re falling behind. Basically, what we’re saying is, be a model student!

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