Can I Get Help and Support with ADHD?

There isn’t really an ADHD Anonymous, why should there be? It’s not like Narcotics or Alcoholics. However, you fill find tonnes upon tonnes of useful information, from the long suffering mothers of 4 years old that have first teeth coming through to teenagers who are riddled with acne and angst about coursework, to business men struggling with work, and then everything and everyone in-between.

There are even specialist groups including Black ADHD, LGBT ADHD (I know that’s a lot of letters!), Asian ADHD, Single ADHD, and Parents with ADHD. You name it there is a community for you.

Take an hour or so to Google the groups that would best suit you, because sometimes, finding a community to which you feel you belong can be half the battle and you can discuss with like minded individuals how you feel. Also, you may actually make some new friends who are on the same wave length without that awkward silence that so often happens when we first meet people.

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