Do Certain Foods Affect a Child with ADHD?

YES! Asking if certain foods affect you is like asking if certain alcoholic beverages affect you differently. For example, in the UK, the lager louts and football hooligans drink Stella Artois (nicknamed Wife Beater), and every summer, as soon as the sun comes out, there are brawls due to too much booze and too much sun.

Food and drink are ingested and digested in the same way. They enter the stomach, are broken down, the bad bits go to the kidneys and liver and then excreted through the bladder or bowel.

What is in various foods varies, and as such, if one thing affects your child, a different brand may not. Generally if you’re looking for simpler and plainer foods, ditch the band names and go for supermarket own brands. Fat is Flavour, and as such, a premium (Heinz for example) can of beans will have more sugar in it than a can of Wal-Mart or Sainsbury’s beans.

Always read the labels, or Google your shopping list, that way you can look at the nutritional information and ditching the branded stuff will also save you a small fortune which will allow you more cash to pamper yourself with!

Organic foods are the way forward, though these tend to be expensive, however, fruit and vegetables are cheap and adding a few spices and herbs, you could technically bulk meals out with them without having to compromise flavour.

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