How to Detect a Child may have ADHD?

This is an age old question. ADHD, although real, is so over diagnosed by over stretched (or sometimes simply lazy) General Practitioners, overzealous parents who want an easy life because their boisterous 3 year old has not stopped playing all day and teachers who are all too quick to make referrals to CMHU because a certain child is ruining the ‘Zen’ of the class room.

It is actually, very easy to spot ADHD. And the first thing you should be looking at is your own household routine. If a child sees chaos, they will create chaos. If a child sees calm and collected they will behave calm and collected.

There is a reason why a good teacher can keep a class of 30 kids under control to learn, and that is by instilling a calm atmosphere which also has an air of discipline.

Not unlike well run prison where inmates are treated with respect, but still know that there is a line that can be crossed and when the line is crossed, there will be consequences. Also, it should be noted, a lot of prisoners in the system tend to have a form of ADHD, though this doesn’t equate that a little discipline in their younger years will guide them on the right path.

If all else fails, the tell tale sign is not being able to focus for more than a few minutes (unless it’s watching cartoons!). If you are struggling to get them to focus on a given task, take a trip to your GP and see what they can advise, for it could also simply be you are picking the wrong things to interest them.

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