How to Keep a Child with ADHD Amused?

Amusing kids is hard enough to begin with; keeping a child with ADHD amused is a whole other ball game! Firstly you need to find a subject that interests them, be that music, art or even exercise. Secondly, you need to push them to excel.

Some of the best artists started out by doing basic stick men, but eventually perfected their craft and moved onto the more advanced techniques, such as live models or complex landscapes like Lilly in a Pond. If your child is a naturally talented athlete, then swimming is good, for it has the added benefit of tiring them out! If they’re a talented musician, get them learning to read scores.

Starting with piano and vocals and then working up to huge symphonic orchestras, however, not everyone can be academic, some of us are destined to be more practical, and cooking is not only therapeutic, but also the most important life skill you can teach a child.

Knowing how to fend for themselves when they themselves have wives, kids, mortgages, cars and dog, will set them up for life, and if they’re any good, or have a natural interest in the flavours and textures of a dish, they may become a top rate chef.

The same goes for hairdressers and beauticians, they do that job because they have a need to make others feel good about themselves. Vidal Sassoon once said his mother thought he lacked the intelligence to pick his own career.

70 years later, he’d single handily changed the entire fashion industry forever. Not bad for someone that wasn’t academically gifted working in a trade that is disproportionately dominated by women and gay men. If your charge is more selfless, get them doing good deeds.

Be that helping an elderly person pack their shopping, or even volunteering a few hours a week in a local charity shop, no good deed goes unnoticed, and being complimented on how they’ve done something so small, yet made such a big difference to someone’s day will give them a huge morale boost, while also instilling a willingness and need to help.