Is ADD a Life Long Condition?

ADD and ADHD are lifelong conditions, generally, with the correct therapies, by the time the patient reaches young adulthood; they will have developed strategies that will help them cope far better.

What needs to be kept in mind is that ADD is not a disease or a death sentence, but is merely one of nature’s little quirks, and as such, there is no ‘cure’ so to speak, however, the many therapies out there will allow the patient to work out their own mind and use whatever suits them best.

In the US they do offer all kinds of bogus therapies, even promising to make homosexuals heterosexual using ‘conversion therapy’, which in all honesty is a painful experience physically, emotionally and mentally. Also they seem to always try and get you to turn to god and ‘repent’.

You see, similar to being gay, ADD and ADHD cannot, and even if it could be, should not be cured. It’s no different to having blue eyes or red hair. It’s a part of the patient, in all of its entirety, the good and the bad bits, warts and all.

If people want to cure something, let’s start with HIV or Cancer, not a relatively modern mental health condition that we know surprisingly little about, or even better, why not get those with ADHD and ADD through university so they can work tirelessly looking for cures to those things?

Let’s be brutally honest. Most people in the jail system on both sides of the Atlantic have some form of mental health condition, would it not save the tax payer far more keeping them on the straight and narrow and doing something worthwhile as oppose to shunning them and letting them take the dark path? Also, if one becomes a good hairdresser, they could also sort out Donald Trump’s terrible toupee!

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