What is ADHD?

ADHD falls into a behavioural range of conditions referred to as EBD. It tends to manifest itself in early childhood, though later diagnoses are not uncommon as it is a relatively new condition. Generally the main characteristic is above average intelligence, obsession with a subject, boundless energy and a poor sleep pattern.

There is also a link that being exceptionally good with numbers and mathematics, could be an indicator of ADHD as advanced maths is far more taxing on the brain than say reading the entire works of Ronald Dhal. Someone that can read the entire works of the author more likely has the closely related, but completely different condition, Aspergers.

ADHD is also a piggy back condition, and more often than not will piggy back along with another condition, for example epilepsy or narcolepsy.

There are various therapies and medications that can be implemented to deal with ADHD however you’re better off trying the non invasive therapies before working up to medication as medication can have many unwanted side effects.

Also, diet is a key factor, the myth about Blue Smarties does have some credit to it, and due to the excessive E Numbers and colourings in the majority of sweet treats, namely Nestle, Haribo and Cadbury/Kraft confectionary, an organic alternative, such as Green and Blacks may be a far more suitable alternative to prevent their moods hitting the ceiling.

Also, bribery and corruption is always an option. Get them to eat all of their vegetables, and offer them a tasty dessert, such as mandarin in jelly or apple pie with cream.

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