Will My Child Grow Out of ADHD?

No is the simple answer. That’s like asking if a black child will grow out of it and one day wake up white. Unless of course they are Michael Jackson, biologically, it’s impossible to grow out of something. Your child will of course mature, and with maturity comes the nice luxury of having a grown up conversation, and with grown up conversations come negotiation.

For example, you can barter with a 14 year old more than you can with a 4 year old. You will also find from the age of about 8 or 9, you can gently mould their character. Yes, they may be hyper, and yes, sometimes you’ll pull your hair out, but you’ll find that generally children with ADHD are more resilient, more mentally focussed on what they perceive as right and wrong, and will always strive to please you. Even if that does include a cup of tea made with cold water!

It’s these little quirks that make your child unique, and perfect in the way nature intended them to be. The old saying of if it’s not broken, don’t fix it springs to mind.

If the symptoms are severe however, a little medical assistance could be just what is required, however, medication should always be a last resort as the likes of Ritalin and Adderall can subdue a child for weeks or months if the dosage is slightly off, or they are taking other medications.

Although we don’t usually recommend sweets, you could start the bribes early using organic sweets or chocolate. These contain none of the E numbers and as such are far healthier for your child, and for you!

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